Northern Marine as

Gecko Marine Safety Helmet  GMSH MK11  sizes 57 to 64 in the same helmet.


Using computer aided design the ABS or unique Kevlar fibreglass construction provides protection and interaction with existing equipment including dry suit, life jacket etc. The Lightweight grooved design gives excellent strength to weight ratio.

Helmet is B.S.I. approved to P.A.S. 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmet standard, EN12492 Mountaineering Helmet and C.E. marked. Copyright design.

Inflatable Liner

This is an integral part of the helmet design. Through an oral valve, the liner has the ability to inflate or deflate accommodating the user's head size.

This system allows the 'tension of the fit' to be adjusted according to the situation, resulting in increased comfort, additional buoyancy and improved heat retention. Patents applied.


The visor is specific to the helmet and manufactured from Lexan Polycarbonate. The material meets the highest impact requirement of BS4110 Eye Protectors for vehicle users.

Its good optical qualities allow full peripheral vision and permit the wearing of spectacles or sunglasses. Press studded to the helmet it provides easy attachment/removal and allows the visor to detach should it become caught, reducing the risk of neck injury. Also provides UV protection.

Available in long or short, clear or various tint options.

Foam Comfort Pad

The 15mm thick circular comfort pad supplied provides cushion protection to the top of the head utilising open celled foam. It is removable for washing and secured in place using a Hook and Loop system. Replacement pads are available.

Ear Defence System

The Black Nylon blanking unit is fitted inside of the rubber grommet. When in place it provides ear protection from external noise such as engine, wind or inclement weather. It can be removed for improved acoustic clarity. Alternative vented option also available.

Strap Assembly

This retention system consists of 19mm nylon webbing riveted to the shell at two point fixings. The Patented Fastex 'click' closure buckle allows one hand release and quick adjustment to the strap length. Offset side buckle aids access in emergency and prevents contact with windpipe. Looped end aids tensioning and neoprene sheathed comfort tube helps prevent rubbing.

Top Head Piece

The Foam Headliner provides shock absorbtion from impact in the crown area and additional floatation from its foam construction.


Headsets com, we have Icom M71 and Motorola GP 340/360/380 on stock in Norway. Call for status.